Your business needs, we found it!


From supplier certification to product, including logistics, from shipment to supplier, clearance, tax classification and delivery to your company.


We provide access Login for daily monitoring of the contracted process. Your only concern will be to produce / sell.



Completion of all procedures with competent bodies and service such as:

• Product and supplier search;

• Correct tax classification of the product (HS);

• Estimation of costs for Import / Export;

• Market and customer search (export);

• Obtaining IMPORT AND EXPORT consent (if necessary);

• Registration and License with the intervening organ (if necessary);

• Contracting of insurance (if required);

• Product monitoring: manufacturing, shipping (air, sea or land), landing and physical inspection;

• Customs Clearance;

•  Integrated logistics from the manufacturer to your company (door to door).


We seek the best solution to meet the needs of your Company in a personalized way, always seeking the best cost-benefit.