1- Buyer issues LOI target price, (Letter of Intent);
2- We issue the SCO (Soft Corporate Offer);
3- Buyer sends ICPO + RWA or BCL;
4- Seller sends FCO, Buyer signs and returns;
5- Seller sends SPA, Buyer analyzes the contractual clauses and signs and returns or corrects in red what he disagrees with, returns and the draft is sent for analysis by the legal department;
6- After the SPA corrections, the Buyer receives the final SPA, signs it and returns it;
7- Buyer makes POF and forwards to Seller's bank, signs Proforma Invoice and returns;
8- The Buyer makes the Verbiage of the Letter of Credit Guarantee and forwards it to the Seller's bank;
9- Seller sends the POP (Product Proof) with all certifications, SGS and AQSIC (in case of export to China);
10- Buyer Authorizes the Paying and Guarantor Bank to issue the Letter of Credit guarantee and forwards it to the Seller's bank;
11- Seller makes PB 2% (never more than that), if requested in advance;
12- The logistics, shipping and BL part begins;
13- The Buyer pays, At Sight, by MT 103, after receiving a copy of the complete documentation.

SBLC and DLC are accepted, with some products the procedures may be changed and we do not work with overprice.



Essential data in the LOI:

- Letterhead;
- Date of issue;
- The declaration must have the Company name, Address, email, telephone
- Product with full description, type of package if applied;
- Monthly quantity;
- Annual or Spot Contract;
- Container, Break Bulk;
- Target price;
- Incoterm;
- Form of payment;
- Destination port;
- Signature and Stamp.


ICPO data:
- LOI data;
- Paying Bank name, address, account, manager;
- Name and photo ID of the buyer's CEO/Executive Director;